We buy products based on image and color. But do we buy from websites based on what colors they use?

Just recently I read a blog about how to use color on your website to influence a sale. I was amazed, and started questioning how my websites looked. Were they portraying the right message? Am I pushing readers away because I am using the wrong colors?

These are questions we should all ask ourselves when building a website especially when they are consumer sites. In this blog post we learn about what colors impulsive buyers like,  budget buyers, women, and even what older consumers are looking for. Some of the tips were quite obvious. Such as: you should not use yellow as a primary color. It should be used to draw attention.


Just remember when you are building your website, what are you trying to sell? Who are you trying to sell to? Find colors that will appeal to that market. In the blog they have many statistics from a KissMetrics report; one of which saying that 52% of users will not return to a website based on the aesthetics. Amazing!

So how does your website look? Are you attracting the right customers, or readers?