Markus Biegel

Come join us and guest speaker Markus Biegel who has co-founded several companies like LeadLink, Startup Elite, Need Media Now and sat on the advisory board for over a dozen companies like Unified People, Label King, Love Nonprofit and Disarray Magazine.

As a consultant he has worked with over 80 small businesses in various industries and as the previous host of Startup Industry he has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide. Markus has been a guest and keynote speaker for several educational and business events speaking mainly about topics in leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.

He is currently co-authoring several books about the startup business world namely From Startup To Growup, Motherluckers, and Passion & Commitment.The presentation will cover:
- Business Plan vs. Strategy Plan – What’s the difference?
-Three Key Components of a Business Plan: Management, Idea, Financials
- Getting ready to meet with investors – Preparation for the Q&A
- How to find and pitch investors
- Managing investor relationships
The event will be taking place at the TSU – Bradford AB on Thursday October 25th from 1-2:30pm
See you there!