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Fall 2013 Initiates

Last fall we initiated 6 outstanding new members.

Gamma 52 Joshua Case
Gamma 53 Vivian Chu
Gamma 54 Caroline La
Gamma 55 Miguel Olivares
Gamma 56 Phillipe Rodriguez
Gamma 57 Gonzalo Gutierrez

ENT Rush Week Schedule

ENT Rush Week Schedule

ENT Rush Week Schedule


ENT Rush Week Schedule:

02/10 Sunday - Picnic @ Craig Park 1pm-3pm
02/11 Monday - Sales Workshop @ Ontiveros BC 4pm-5:30pm
02/12 Tuesday - Meet the Members @ Cantina Lounge 5:30pm – 7:30pm
02/13 Wednesday – Info Night @ Bradford AB 4pm-5pm
02/14 Thursday – Billiards/Table Tennis @ TSU Underground 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Come and join in on all the fun! Everyone is welcome to participate!

How to Write a Business Plan and Lock Down an Investor

Markus Biegel

Come join us and guest speaker Markus Biegel who has co-founded several companies like LeadLink, Startup Elite, Need Media Now and sat on the advisory board for over a dozen companies like Unified People, Label King, Love Nonprofit and Disarray Magazine.

As a consultant he has worked with over 80 small businesses in various industries and as the previous host of Startup Industry he has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide. Markus has been a guest and keynote speaker for several educational and business events speaking mainly about topics in leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship.

He is currently co-authoring several books about the startup business world namely From Startup To Growup, Motherluckers, and Passion & Commitment.The presentation will cover:
- Business Plan vs. Strategy Plan – What’s the difference?
-Three Key Components of a Business Plan: Management, Idea, Financials
- Getting ready to meet with investors – Preparation for the Q&A
- How to find and pitch investors
- Managing investor relationships
The event will be taking place at the TSU – Bradford AB on Thursday October 25th from 1-2:30pm
See you there!

Impact Your Community!

Have you ever been on an interview? Have you ever thought of how your appearance determines the outcome of that interview?

Working Wardrobes is a non profit that raises money to buy men and women who cannot purchase their own suit for interviews. ENT is bringing the CEO of Working Wardrobes, Jerri Rosen,  out to talk about impacting your community Tuesday November 8 at 4P.m.  We will have them back out December 1st for our benefit fashion show. Want to know a little more about the company? click here. Check out our facebook event for more information on ENT, Working Wardrobes, and Jerri Rosen.

Is Your Website Aesthetically Pleasing?

We buy products based on image and color. But do we buy from websites based on what colors they use?

Just recently I read a blog about how to use color on your website to influence a sale. I was amazed, and started questioning how my websites looked. Were they portraying the right message? Am I pushing readers away because I am using the wrong colors?

These are questions we should all ask ourselves when building a website especially when they are consumer sites. In this blog post we learn about what colors impulsive buyers like,  budget buyers, women, and even what older consumers are looking for. Some of the tips were quite obvious. Such as: you should not use yellow as a primary color. It should be used to draw attention.


Just remember when you are building your website, what are you trying to sell? Who are you trying to sell to? Find colors that will appeal to that market. In the blog they have many statistics from a KissMetrics report; one of which saying that 52% of users will not return to a website based on the aesthetics. Amazing!

So how does your website look? Are you attracting the right customers, or readers?