In early 2008, a group of like-minded individuals at the University of Dayton saw the opportunity to design a unique coed fraternal organization built upon the ideals of entrepreneurship. These early Founders realized the great potential in building such a network as entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing majors on college campuses and a strong trend among young professionals.

Later that year in May of 2008, Epsilon Nu Tau, the Nation’s First Entrepreneurship Fraternity was established. ENT is based upon a professional and entrepreneurial mindset, with fellowship and community as its backbone.

Epsilon Nu Tau has now been in operation for two academic years. ENT’s most recent achievement was the launch of the Beta Chapter at Texas State University on Sunday, January 24th, 2010.

Current plans include launching three additional chapters during 2010, for a total of five chapters. As the ENT network grows, members shall benefit from enhanced collaboration, connections, and brotherly love between chapters across the US and beyond.