Three Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer – CEO
The CEO acts as the public head of the Chapter and will be in charge of starting and ending chapter meetings.  The following chair positions report to the CEO; Pledge, Rush, Recruiting, and Outreach Chairs.  The CEO stays in contact with the university to ensure that the chapter is in good standing.

Chief Financial Officer – CFO
The CFO shall be in charge of all the chapter finances.  The following chair positions report to the CFO; Accounting, Sales, Webmaster, and Professional Chairs. The CFO will ensure that the chapter retains its ‘ENT goal’ of being a professional fraternity.

Chief Operating Officer – COO
The COO shall be in charge of arranging and informing the chapter of all weekly meetings as well the general opeation of the chapter. The following chairs will report to the COO; Marketing, Secretary, Ritual, & Social Chairs.

Chair Positions

Accounting Chair
Assist the CFO in the management of the financial books of the chapter, document all chapters’ financial transactions, and collect all chapter dues.

Marketing Chair
Promote and raise awareness for Epsilon Nu Tau in the community.

Outreach Chair
Create and execute service events for the chapter, raise money for donation to local and national charities, and promote events to non-members around the community.

Pledge Chair
Assist pledges during the pledge process and organize/lead weekly pledge meetings.

Recruiting Chair
Meet with and contact potential universities around the country to help promote Epsilon Nu Tau on a National level.

Professional Chair
Create and execute professional events and establish networking opportunities for the chapter.

Ritual Chair
Ensure that traditions of Epsilon Nu Tau are upheld. They are to work with the pledges and make sure that they have learned the tradition and administrator a test to verify this. They are also in control of all ceremonies.

Rush Chair
Organize and execute all rush events. They must also raise awareness on campus for these events.

Salesperson Chair
Develop products & organize sales outings for sale on campus. They must research and teach different sales techniques to the members.

Secretary Chair
Record attendance and minutes at weekly chapter meetings.

Social Chair
Increase social interaction between the chapter members by creating, obtaining approval of, and organizing sponsored social events on campus.

Webmaster Chair
Work with all Executives and Chairs to coordinate all chapter operations with the chapter website and to update website on a continuous basis.