Epsilon Nu Tau Fraternity is a nationwide organization of collegiate entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial spirit, professional selling,  ethical business practices, and community welfare.

Advancing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Any student from any background can be an entrepreneur. Its our goal to help you to operate a business, collaborate with like minded students, and network with other entrepreneurs. We are not a business fraternity, we are an ENTrepreneur fraternity, accepting any and all student who has the drive, passion, and potential to start their own business.

Promoting the Art of Salesmanship

Take a look at the worlds most notable entrepreneurs: Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and you’ll notice they have one thing in common; they are the best salesmen for their product, and thats no accident.

At CSU Fullerton we have teamed with Don Spini, author of the Amazon Best Seller, Sixty-Seconds to Yes!, and founder of ProForce Sales Training, the #1 sales training program on the market, to give you the most influential sales training you will ever receive.

We also plan to offer additional scholarships to students who wish to receive a Certificate in Professional Sales from the CSUF Sales and Leadership Center.

Encouraging Ethical Business Practices

Customers, Companies, Friends and Relatives, they all want to surround themselves with ethical individuals. Our goal is to guide all members to use ethical business practices, giving them a chance to try it out with our fraternity. Each student will have the opportunity to run for board positions, plan events, or even start a business, giving them a taste of what the life of an Entrepreneur is like.

Contributing to the Welfare of Society

Philanthropy is a huge part of what we do at Epsilon Nu Tau Fullerton. Each semester members contribute to the betterment of our local community, whether on their own or in one of the group charity events that we host. Our community made us who we are today, so we always take a moment to say thank you.